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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic eliminates Subluxations of the spine that cause 
many of the symptoms/conditions listed to the left.  By eliminating
the Subluxation (cause) the condition(s) (symptom(s))
go away and stay away.

At Dawson Family Chiropractic (DFC) we use a variety of techniques and therapies to get you well.  The cornerstone of any treatment plan includes a Chiropractic Adjustment.  These Adjustments are very specific to each individual patient.  The amount of force, speed, location, and overall approach vary greatly from patient to patient.  There are low force and moderate force techniques that allow chiropractic to help people of all ages and with a variety of conditions.

We utilize several other therapies as well.  Electrical muscle stimulation, mechanical traction, heat and ice packs are to help with decreasing your pain and inflammation and help with range of motion of the spine.  These therapies are very useful early in treatment to decrease your pain to allow you to heal and result in a better response to your adjustments.

The majority of our patients begin an in-office and at-home exercise plan within their first 3 visits. Although chiropractic is very effective, it is not a "magic bullet". Teaching you exercises and getting you actively involved in your care will decrease the amount of time it takes to get you well and will help yo make a permanent improvement to your condition. 

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